Gagosian / Beverly Hills – Bathroom Installs January 31, 2016





10-12 years old (91-93) / Infinite pattern Collage October 28, 2015


 10-12 years old (91-93) / 27″ x 27″ inches / Collage on wood / 2015 (Click Image above to expand pattern)


This is a piece in a 2 part series were I revisited significant publications that were pivotal in my childhood. This infinite pattern collage was made using my own comic book collection from when I was 10 to 12 years old. These are the same pages I read and dove into from the years 1991 up to 1993.


9 years old (1990) / Infinite pattern Collage October 28, 2015


 9 years old (1990) / 18.75″ x 17.5″ inches / Collage on archival board / 2015
(Click on image above to expand pattern)


‘9 years old (1990)’ is the first piece in a 2 part series. This series explores publications that were dear to me in my childhood. National Geographic Magazine was very important to me during that time and actually it still is. I revisited the issues of 1990 and reinterpreted them into this infinite pattern collage. 


First Impression October 28, 2015


Impression / 9″x 9″ inches / Plywood / 2015


Topography, is shaped by what is beneath it, around it, and the pressures of them, much like our conscious. Through the treatment and placing of paper, I used the ‘Impressions’ plate to make an impression on it. My car the vehicle of my movement through landscape, was used to directly apply pressure onto this paper leaving behind the physical impression of the plate.


Each print is the result of 2 hours of preparation, 24 hours of pressure and 24 hours of drying.

Impression October 28, 2015


  Impression / 9″x 9″ inches / Plywood / 2015


Reflections of geography through my travels. When energy passes through the physical plane it leaves behind visible evidence. Physically this happens through time and movements in mass. With this piece I passed a router over the surface to create strokes that are representative of these changes. Leaving behind an impression of my conscious.


Inspired by my relocation from Miami to Los Angeles.